Shifting those intrusive thoughts cycling through your brain

Therapy with Melissa will support you through finding the connections between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Melissa will help you identify unhealthy emotions and beliefs, recognize negative or unhelpful thought or behaviors, and explore the connection between them.

She will work with you to identify the patterns surrounding those connections, and will provide you with thoughtful insight in order to help you ensure that you are living intentionally, in accordance with your core beliefs and values by changing your thought patterns.

emotional safety and empathetic presence

As a compassionate and seasoned therapist, Melissa has treated clients with a range of clinical issues for over twenty years. Her clinical knowledge, combined with her empathetic presence, creates emotional safety for her clients.

I have a natural curiosity about the lives and experiences of others. My intuitive sense and ability to connect with people helps uncover key issues so you can find the healthy path forward. I will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and help release hidden opportunities for personal growth.

what keeps you from being present?

You may be a busy professional facing increasingly high expectations or insurmountable pressure. You may feel inadequate or may just not feel like yourself. You may feel like you can't juggle it all or there are not enough hours in the day. Whatever it may be, and how ever you're feeling it, Melissa can help you find the patterns and identify the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Her direct New York style, softened by her California vibe, will provide you with thoughtful reflection needed to help you find the path toward healing.

More about Melissa

Melissa works collaboratively with her clients to develop an integrated approach to treatment that is tailored to the particular needs of each individual client. She will build upon your strengths, which will allow you to begin to make positive changes in your life.

about Melissa

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